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Since founded in 1854, the brand the acronym "LV" logo become replica designer handbags this good at making luggage family of the seal. Which fake designer handbags surrounded by a circle of LV logo is in 1908 by Gaston - the son of Mr Louis vuitton Louis vuitton design and formally applied for replica designer handbags a patent, it has been used for many suitcases and suitcase and metal box lock closure system,

show showily. After Nicolas Ghesquiere joined Louis vuitton, completely immerse yourself in the different kinds of Louis vuitton past, and this is always appear on the traditional luggage LV logo produced great interest. This simple and classical style of letters marked deeply attracted him. Ghesquiere it picked up again from the fashion and give it new life. knockoff handbags Everything started knockoff handbags from a luggage; This is a classic symbol of Louis vuitton. After more than a century, it is still a mystery, ancient replica designer handbags secret deep precipitation, waiting for digging. Yet at the same time, it also contains the infinite creativity password and keep pace with The Times of new mystery, there is only one real designer to interpret. Today we are going to the mysterious hard box is opened, the starting replica designer handbags of the past were revealed, these came from behind the scenes video tells the story of an endless miles of the source of inspiration. Yesterday, Louis Vuitton knockoff handbags opened "series" exhibition in Shanghai, the exhibition back the brand design director Nicolas Ghesquiere designed for Louis Vuitton first replica designer handbags clothing series: knockoff handbags 2014/2015 qiu dong series of creative process.

"Series," a series is not only a series, it is a combination of a variety of ideas, hopes and dreams, and is also the inner self a journey of exploration. In the mind of the designer, the knockoff handbags memory is a blend of women's perfume, inspire new clipping, all sorts of adornment ornament, as well as in respect of the past and look forward to the future of the shuttle between comprehension. Followed by the usual stance, seemingly contradictory idea, finally, at the end of the journey, arrived at the destination, full of classic and innovation are presenting the final works: clothes make the man. replica designer handbags Space around the LED screen at the same time showing the 48 sets of modelling fake designer handbags of all 2014 autumn/winter fashion show.

Whether the past or the future, enduring works is not tired, they are our loyal partners, under the eternal charm, replica designer handbags people are willing to have been with them. Full of fresh and creative design to stimulate the soothing originally loose nerve endings. This series is very modern, stylish new design absolutely inspired countless possibilities, and made a collocation knockoff handbags infinity new wardrobe. Intensive posters show, this is by Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber three advertising photography master's autumn/winter 2014, the wall also filled by Patrick Demarchelier and Juergen Teller tells the story of fashion. fake designer handbags Louis Vuitton store, the concept of special with 2014 autumn and winter series, customers can go to the store brand new shopping experience.